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Mothers and Sons
Celebrating BUA's 23rd Season!


written by:
Terrence McNally

directed by:
Jessica K. Rasp

Anne Hartley Pfohl
Brian Riggs
Michael Seitz
and introducing...
SteFanos Psorakis


23.00 Seniors
20.00 BUA Members
15.00 Students
(valid I.D.)

Show Dates
Feb. 20 -
March 14

Fridays and Saturdays at
8:00 p.m.

2014-15 Season Announced



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Alleyway Theatre



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In our 23rd season, BUA presents a collection of plays about people finding their place and reflecting on how they arrived there.  A solitary woman displaced by wind and water, a young man turning time back on what brought him his chosen family, universally recognized cultural icon facing his truth, a one-time mother seeking answers from a past she rejected, ten or eleven quick glimpses of GLBT life right now, and a couple rattled by the arrival of an estranged sister and her precocious daughter.

Mothers and Sons, by Terrence McNally, directed by Jessica Rasp.
February 20 – March 14, Alleyway Main Stage.

-   A woman and a man stand at a window overlooking Central Park West struggling to find something to say after 20 years. Had the world been then what it is now, she would have been his mother-in-law. Instead she has arrived unannounced to find him happily married to a younger man and father to their six-year-old son. Three nights before Christmas they rehash a past they cannot change, a life lost too soon, and attempt to determine where one's past fits into the other's present - ultimately struggling determine when two very different people share one loss, who does it belong to?

BUA Takes 10: GLBT Short Plays 2015 curated by Matthew Crehan Higgins, Donna Hoke, and Jessica Rasp.
March 27 – April 11, Main Street Cabaret.

- Following successful installments in 2012 and 2013, comes a collection of short plays about GLBT living. Selected from over two hundred entries, this year’s selections are:

"Jim At My Door" by Dave Carley - Toronto, ON
"BTWITWILYFWIW" by Greg Charleston - Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Brenda Gets Herself Slapped" by Alex Dremann - Philadelphia, PA
"Anticipation, TX" by Bridget Erin, Denham Springs, CA
"Zurich" by Eric Marlin - New York, NY
"Trainwhistles" by Briandaniel Oglesby - Austin, TX
"Please Report Any Suspicious Activity" by Rick Park - Boston, MA
"Bonnie and Claudia's Attempted Toaster Over Heist" by Deborah Singer - Vancouver, WA
"At Delphi" by Aoise Stratford - Ithaca, NY
In addition, we will feature new plays by two of our curators:
"Best Interests" by Donna Hoke
"I put on my perfume, ya, I want it all over you." by Matthew Crehan Higgins

Harbor by Chad Berguelin
April 17 – May 9, Alleyway Main Stage.

-  Donna drives the van she lives in with her daughter Lottie to the well-appointed Sag Harbor home of her brother Kevin and his husband Ted.  The men believe themselves to be perfectly content in the life they have built together, but that contentedness is challenged by Donna's wild ways and Lottie's need for a permanent place, particularly when Donna makes an unconventional offer that rattles their entire household and forces them to question what makes a family and what leads to fulfillment.



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